How to activate my e-book

  1. Visit
  2. Type in your activation code and fill in the registration form.
  3. You will receive an e-mail to confirm that you have been registered.
  4. Once your account has been activated, you will be able to access your e-book by going to and typing in the username and password you have chosen.

How to read the book

Once you are registered on the website, the links to the different reading modes will be available to you.

PC / Mac: link to read the book online.
iOS / Android: link to install the app Servet digital.

How do I get my code?

You will usually be able to find it on the inside of the cover of your printed book. You may also receive an e-mail o a card with the code. If you received the code through a sponsor, they should be able to inform you correctly.

How do I read my books online?

The books can only be read online from a PC or Mac.

Register on the web portal and you will find, next to every title you have activated, a link to read the book online.

How do I read my books offline?

Offline reading is available for iPad and Android tablets.

In order to read a book offline, it is necessary to download the application that contains it to your tablet. Register on the web portal and you will find, next to every title you have activated, the corresponding link to download it.

Some applications may only contain one book, while others may contain various. Therefore, every time you activate a new book, we recommend you to check if you have already installed the application that contains it.

I have installed the application, how do I download the book?

If the application only contains one book, its contents may be accessed in two ways: in some cases, it will already be included in the application, and in others, once you have opened the application, you will find a button to download the book.

If the application contains several books, you will need to identify your device to download their contents. Go to the settings of the application and type in your login details to This way, the application will synchronise with the web portal and will allow you to download the books you have activated.

I cannot install the application on my Android device

Sometimes, the applications created are not published on Google Play and require downloading an apk file that needs to be installed. By default, Android blocks the installation of applications from sources outside of its online store. In order to allow their installation, it is necessary to select the “Unknown sources” option that can be found in Settings > Security.

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